Wednesday 1 April 2015

Annual Blog Post...

So it still appears I'm not very good at regular blogging.
It also seems like I remember to do this whenever there is a significant life event. My wife and I are currently waiting for the birth of our second child, so I will be ramping down the game time again imminently.

Where do we start? Palkei has been my main focus again for this expac so far. I only have the Mage alt at level 100 as well. Raiding has been going fairly well. We have been generally completing Normal modes and partly completing Heroics for both Highmaul and Blackrock Foundry. I'm still missing the normal kill of Blackhand himself, but just did it on LFR to get the achievement.
Immersion is a decent guild with a wide range of skills, and the guild leadership do their best to accommodate all the levels of play without excluding people. I'm still running mostly Holy for group content although the shared gear means my retri spec is awesome for solo content, especially legacy content.

On the non-raid front, my garrison is pretty much maxed out now. I have all but 3 of the non-Inn followers and am in the progress of grinding rep for the two factions I need for two of them. The last missing one is the legendary follower, and I'm 3/4 of the way to collecting the elemental runes needed for the next step in the chain. I also today got the Blue Drake mount from Eye of Eternity, which leaves only the Blazing Drake from Deathwing to obtain for the Awake the Drakes achievement and the Emerald Drake.

Gold making is no longer an active thing. The garrisons are churning out enough gold currently to allow me to buy most things I want so far. Mostly things are locked behind rep grinds etc rather than a gold barrier. Also the WoW Token is slated to be coming in the next few weeks, so there's always that as an option to get more gold if necessary.

I've also been a bit slack with the pet battling front. My current tally is 50 pet battles in Draenor so far... That may be something I pick up more if I only get 5-10 mins here and there to play whilst there is a new baby (and a 2 year old) around.

On a final note, I received my 10 year loyalty statue from Blizzard a couple of weeks ago. It was a nice gesture to the folks that have been with the game all the way from the beginning through all the highs and lows.

Monday 24 March 2014

So, busy year...

I could have sworn I did an update since the last one. Oh well.

So, as the title says, it's been a busy year for my partner and I. Our beautiful daughter Lexie was born last March, and has just celebrated her first birthday. In summer we moved house at the height of the heatwave. And in November we got married!

So I think I can say I've been a bit distracted from blogging and WoWing.

However, I did manage to keep visiting Azeroth on a reduced time basis. I stopped raiding altogether for a bit around the end of Heart of Fear and Terrace. Once Lexie started sleeping through the night, I got back to raiding once a week with my latest guild Immersion, which reunited me with a few old friends from previous years.

Palk has been happily raiding Siege of Orgrimmar for the last few months although is lagging behind the other healers significantly. I'll keep looking into that, but I'm looking forward to the new healing model in Warlords which has been sold as putting the skill in intelligent decisions rather than fast reactions. I've got a decent set of retri gear now so have been enjoying a lot of old content and soloing stuff.
I got 5 characters at 90 now. The death knight was already there, but was joined by the mage (levelled mostly through pet battles), then the warlock. They were recently joined by a hunter boosted with the Warlords preorder boost. My most recent activity has been collecting hunter pets for him. CRZ is not conducive to this goal...

The gold making fell behind a little since I didn't fancy using a lot of my limited playtime posting and cancelling auctions, although I have picked that up now since I want to go into Warlords with a bit of cash for whatever gold sinks they make available. Currently selling gems, belt buckles, enchants (now from the warlock), glyphs (not so much profit here with limited camping time) and the occasional large bags from my mage tailor doing daily cooldowns.

On the pet battling/collecting front, I am missing only a few 'easily' obtainable pets. The remaining ones would require massive real cash investments which I'm not prepared to do. The armory shows 572 collected vs. 19 not.

I'm not sure what my targets are for the rest of this expansion, maybe I should make a list rather than flitting around...

Expect my next post in the next year or so...

Monday 11 February 2013

Less than 3 weeks to go

So I'm fairly settled into this expansion now. Palkei is gearing up slowly (both Holy and Ret). For Holy there are only improvements from normal and heroic raids left. For Ret, there are a few items I can upgrade through LFR, but is painful due to the DPS queue times. I think if I'm only going for tier items, I'll run as Holy since the tier tokens aren't specific to spec and can be cashed in as DPS gear.
On the alt front, I finished levelling Darkei, although he is now sitting in the Klaxxi base churning out Ghost Iron bars and Living Steel Belt Buckles. Felkei is just short of 87 at the moment, but I haven't been able to justify spending time levelling her while I have 1300VP to still collect for the Legendary quest for Wrathion. Eliott is my inscription guy and he's churning out daily Darkmoon cards to sell. Magikei is having a double role of Imperial Silk daily cooldowns and teleporting around the world(s) to challenge Master Pet Tamers.
Which leads me on to the Pet Battling addiction I developed. Or collecting. Anyway, I spent far too much time in the last couple of weeks knocking off pet battle achievements. I still need to get a few more categories of pets to 25 to do the Northrend/Pandaria trainers, but quite a few are close now.
On the gold front, Living Steel Belt Buckles, Trillium, and Inscription items are the main things I'm selling (along with whatever green items drop while dailying/levelling). I got my Onyx Panther completed. I listed on the AH for a couple of weeks, but no takers so I added it to my stable.
The last thing of note (and by far the most important) is the fact that we are now less than 3 weeks to our baby's due date. So any time now I expect to have to ramp down my time in Azeroth.

Thursday 3 January 2013

Long time, no write

Wow! It's been a while since I was here last.
My World of Warcraft adventures have been continuing regardless of me forgetting I had a blog.
Since I appear to have skipped Cataclysm completely, we can pretend it didn't exist... It wasn't that bad, but not quite at the same level as other expansions. I think the main fault was the lack of content for max-level characters. I did have fun levelling some alts but that seemed to dilute my excitement for getting achievements and progressing on my paladin. It also didn't help that my guild basically dissolved gradually through Cataclysm as people got bored and moved on. Diablo 3 played a big part in that.
Onto Mists, I have Palkei at max level with decent healing gear and some less-decent retri gear for off-spec. I joined a new guild (which was where a lot of previous guildies ended up over the last couple of years).
I'm slowly working through the various rep grinds, but not rushing them. Golden Lotus is a big motivational step to get over, but it's now the only rep grind currently available to me.
I have my death knight almost at level 90. Mainly levelled to use his blacksmithing skills, although I prefer him as a dps character over retadin, so he may get more time out of the box.
I also want to level my warlock to be able to do the class quest, but Mists isn't massively alt-friendly so that is on the back-burner.
On the gold-making front, I came into Mists with around 200k gold which has pretty much evaporated, having been spent on all the gold sink mounts, levelling professions and some gear. I still have the Jeweled Onyx Panther to complete, but I have 3 of the 4 component panther mounts sitting on the AH ready to be combined if they don't sell before I make the last one.
I got all the professions levelled in the first week on various alts, although cunningly a lot of the more in demand recipes are locked behind the reputation grinds. So far I managed the Living Steel Buckle plans from the Klaxxi.
One of the best gold making schemes I have at the moment is transmuting masses for Ghost Iron Bars into Trillium Bars to sell/transmute.
One of the annoying things is that my main Paladin is a Jewelcrafter/Alchemist which have practically no use for Spirit of Harmony. I can see Blizzard's argument that your character's need to be out in the world, but it is quite frustrating that the only character accumulating spirits is the one who can't really use them, and seems a waste to trade them for Golden Lotus to sell.

That was a bulky update after a long drought. Hopefully I won't leave it as long next time...

Friday 19 November 2010


I finally completed the quest for the Scepter of the Shifting Sands! Much gold and time spent of something that will hopefully be another Feat of Strength. I do enjoy running through the quest lines like that feeling that in some way I am helping to change Azeroth (even belatedly in respect to the AQ questline).

With the gold target, I passed 80k the other day despite spending a few thousand retraining my tailor for Inscription. I guess the main priority now is making sure I log in each day to do the minor and Northrend Glyph research. On the positive side I do have a bigger stock of glyphs and inks now.

Tuesday 2 November 2010

Shifting Sands - Goal update

I have a few current goals in progress (as well as the ones form the earlier post).

I decided to try and complete the questline for the Scepter of the Shifting Sands (The AQ opening questline) which will be a FoS achievement in Cataclysm.
So far I have managed to complete the Green Shard quests, and most of the blue chain. I still have one remaing page from the Draconic for Dummies to obtain from Onyxia. I tried that this week with a PUG, but it seems someone didn't loot her so I couldn't get to the quest item. If I get that this week, I will have to defeat Maws in Azshara to complete that chain. The Red chain should be a fairly simple matter of defeating Nefarian in BWL, although again this week ended with a fail as we couldn't get past Chromaggus with just four 80s.
On the positive side, I got exalted with Brood of Nozdormu, got a full Avengers set (from AQ40) and completed my cooking recipe collection with Dirge's Kickin' Chimaerok Chops.

In other news...
I'm slowly getting closer to my goal of 100k gold by Cata. I surpassed 62k yesterday, still bringing in 1-2k per day, although this has slowed since I'm stocking up on certain things and the piles of Elementium Ingots and other mats I needed for the above quests cost quite a few k.

I also forged the Sulfuron Hammer in the event that the Eye drops from Ragnaros on an MC run. It's currently on the AH in the also unlikely event that some rich lazy legendary seeker wants to make me a sizable profit rather than farm all the mats themselves.

And finally, my best moment of the last week was getting the final Mask for the A Mask for all Occasions achievement, at 22.00 on the final day of Hallows End with one Trick or Treat attempt to spare.

Thursday 21 October 2010

A week of 4.0.1

So I've survived the patch so far, and aside from a few bugs (cogwheel of DC), I'm starting to enjoy healing as a newly revamped Holy Paladin. I've only managed a couple of raids and randoms heroics so far having been distracted by the Halloween Holiday event and my quest to get the last remaining masks for the A Mask for All Occasions achievement. Still 6 to go...
I also passed the 50k gold mark and am growing the cash pile by about2k a day at the moment, although I expect that will subside as the glyph market settles again for a bit.
I am really back to concentrating on the Heirloom enchant market since I think some people will be preparing for Cataclysm and their new Worgen/Goblin alts. I think this market should explode straight after the release when those races become available to level.