Monday 11 February 2013

Less than 3 weeks to go

So I'm fairly settled into this expansion now. Palkei is gearing up slowly (both Holy and Ret). For Holy there are only improvements from normal and heroic raids left. For Ret, there are a few items I can upgrade through LFR, but is painful due to the DPS queue times. I think if I'm only going for tier items, I'll run as Holy since the tier tokens aren't specific to spec and can be cashed in as DPS gear.
On the alt front, I finished levelling Darkei, although he is now sitting in the Klaxxi base churning out Ghost Iron bars and Living Steel Belt Buckles. Felkei is just short of 87 at the moment, but I haven't been able to justify spending time levelling her while I have 1300VP to still collect for the Legendary quest for Wrathion. Eliott is my inscription guy and he's churning out daily Darkmoon cards to sell. Magikei is having a double role of Imperial Silk daily cooldowns and teleporting around the world(s) to challenge Master Pet Tamers.
Which leads me on to the Pet Battling addiction I developed. Or collecting. Anyway, I spent far too much time in the last couple of weeks knocking off pet battle achievements. I still need to get a few more categories of pets to 25 to do the Northrend/Pandaria trainers, but quite a few are close now.
On the gold front, Living Steel Belt Buckles, Trillium, and Inscription items are the main things I'm selling (along with whatever green items drop while dailying/levelling). I got my Onyx Panther completed. I listed on the AH for a couple of weeks, but no takers so I added it to my stable.
The last thing of note (and by far the most important) is the fact that we are now less than 3 weeks to our baby's due date. So any time now I expect to have to ramp down my time in Azeroth.