Thursday 21 October 2010

A week of 4.0.1

So I've survived the patch so far, and aside from a few bugs (cogwheel of DC), I'm starting to enjoy healing as a newly revamped Holy Paladin. I've only managed a couple of raids and randoms heroics so far having been distracted by the Halloween Holiday event and my quest to get the last remaining masks for the A Mask for All Occasions achievement. Still 6 to go...
I also passed the 50k gold mark and am growing the cash pile by about2k a day at the moment, although I expect that will subside as the glyph market settles again for a bit.
I am really back to concentrating on the Heirloom enchant market since I think some people will be preparing for Cataclysm and their new Worgen/Goblin alts. I think this market should explode straight after the release when those races become available to level.

Sunday 17 October 2010

Add-on Cold Turkey

So, as I expected, I haven't made a post for a while. I've not been playing WoW quite as much as usual and the recent 4.0.1 patch had sent me into a bit of add-on cold-turkey. Apparently I've come to rely so much on add-ons I can barely play the game without them.
The various adventures I've had since then have included finishing my Violet Eye rep (Kara) and lots of gem, glyph and enchant scroll production.
In my auctioneering mode, I jumped on the bandwagon thinking the epic gem transmute was being removed in 4.0.1. Sadly this wasn't the case and I was left with quite a few stacks of rare gems and eternals. This hasn't been all bad though. Since a huge number of people have been changing their gear and re-enchanting gemming, the demand for these items which was in a bit of a slump previously has soared again. I've been selling tons of Eternal Belt Buckles which is using up my eternal stock slowly, and the rare gem market has been helping to remove the stockpiles of those gems I have.
I am of course aiming to have sold all of the LK rare and epic gems by the time Cataclysm is released since they will generally be worthless having been replaced by the Cata green quality gems.
On the glyph front I managed to sell a fair number making about 9k gold, but I was limited by not being able to log in straight after the patch and repost, and also the glyphs I could make were limited by the fact that my Inscribernatrix is only skilled up to 225 due to only being level 25. So in general I didn't do so bad, and the glyphs I still have are selling steadily now at the much higher prices, forced by the recipes all taking 3 times as much ink.
Enchanting also provided a quick boost, as for some reason all types of enchants were selling really well including a lot of twink enchants for BoA weapons (as I mentioned in a previous post). Why people were buying these straight after the patch, I'm not really that sure, although I expect a massive demand for these when Cataclysm hits as people suddenly realise they want the best enchants for their new Worgen/Goblin alts.

In future, I'll try and post smaller regular updates than a bid data-overload like this one.