Thursday 21 October 2010

A week of 4.0.1

So I've survived the patch so far, and aside from a few bugs (cogwheel of DC), I'm starting to enjoy healing as a newly revamped Holy Paladin. I've only managed a couple of raids and randoms heroics so far having been distracted by the Halloween Holiday event and my quest to get the last remaining masks for the A Mask for All Occasions achievement. Still 6 to go...
I also passed the 50k gold mark and am growing the cash pile by about2k a day at the moment, although I expect that will subside as the glyph market settles again for a bit.
I am really back to concentrating on the Heirloom enchant market since I think some people will be preparing for Cataclysm and their new Worgen/Goblin alts. I think this market should explode straight after the release when those races become available to level.

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