Thursday 3 January 2013

Long time, no write

Wow! It's been a while since I was here last.
My World of Warcraft adventures have been continuing regardless of me forgetting I had a blog.
Since I appear to have skipped Cataclysm completely, we can pretend it didn't exist... It wasn't that bad, but not quite at the same level as other expansions. I think the main fault was the lack of content for max-level characters. I did have fun levelling some alts but that seemed to dilute my excitement for getting achievements and progressing on my paladin. It also didn't help that my guild basically dissolved gradually through Cataclysm as people got bored and moved on. Diablo 3 played a big part in that.
Onto Mists, I have Palkei at max level with decent healing gear and some less-decent retri gear for off-spec. I joined a new guild (which was where a lot of previous guildies ended up over the last couple of years).
I'm slowly working through the various rep grinds, but not rushing them. Golden Lotus is a big motivational step to get over, but it's now the only rep grind currently available to me.
I have my death knight almost at level 90. Mainly levelled to use his blacksmithing skills, although I prefer him as a dps character over retadin, so he may get more time out of the box.
I also want to level my warlock to be able to do the class quest, but Mists isn't massively alt-friendly so that is on the back-burner.
On the gold-making front, I came into Mists with around 200k gold which has pretty much evaporated, having been spent on all the gold sink mounts, levelling professions and some gear. I still have the Jeweled Onyx Panther to complete, but I have 3 of the 4 component panther mounts sitting on the AH ready to be combined if they don't sell before I make the last one.
I got all the professions levelled in the first week on various alts, although cunningly a lot of the more in demand recipes are locked behind the reputation grinds. So far I managed the Living Steel Buckle plans from the Klaxxi.
One of the best gold making schemes I have at the moment is transmuting masses for Ghost Iron Bars into Trillium Bars to sell/transmute.
One of the annoying things is that my main Paladin is a Jewelcrafter/Alchemist which have practically no use for Spirit of Harmony. I can see Blizzard's argument that your character's need to be out in the world, but it is quite frustrating that the only character accumulating spirits is the one who can't really use them, and seems a waste to trade them for Golden Lotus to sell.

That was a bulky update after a long drought. Hopefully I won't leave it as long next time...

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