Monday 24 March 2014

So, busy year...

I could have sworn I did an update since the last one. Oh well.

So, as the title says, it's been a busy year for my partner and I. Our beautiful daughter Lexie was born last March, and has just celebrated her first birthday. In summer we moved house at the height of the heatwave. And in November we got married!

So I think I can say I've been a bit distracted from blogging and WoWing.

However, I did manage to keep visiting Azeroth on a reduced time basis. I stopped raiding altogether for a bit around the end of Heart of Fear and Terrace. Once Lexie started sleeping through the night, I got back to raiding once a week with my latest guild Immersion, which reunited me with a few old friends from previous years.

Palk has been happily raiding Siege of Orgrimmar for the last few months although is lagging behind the other healers significantly. I'll keep looking into that, but I'm looking forward to the new healing model in Warlords which has been sold as putting the skill in intelligent decisions rather than fast reactions. I've got a decent set of retri gear now so have been enjoying a lot of old content and soloing stuff.
I got 5 characters at 90 now. The death knight was already there, but was joined by the mage (levelled mostly through pet battles), then the warlock. They were recently joined by a hunter boosted with the Warlords preorder boost. My most recent activity has been collecting hunter pets for him. CRZ is not conducive to this goal...

The gold making fell behind a little since I didn't fancy using a lot of my limited playtime posting and cancelling auctions, although I have picked that up now since I want to go into Warlords with a bit of cash for whatever gold sinks they make available. Currently selling gems, belt buckles, enchants (now from the warlock), glyphs (not so much profit here with limited camping time) and the occasional large bags from my mage tailor doing daily cooldowns.

On the pet battling/collecting front, I am missing only a few 'easily' obtainable pets. The remaining ones would require massive real cash investments which I'm not prepared to do. The armory shows 572 collected vs. 19 not.

I'm not sure what my targets are for the rest of this expansion, maybe I should make a list rather than flitting around...

Expect my next post in the next year or so...

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