Tuesday 17 August 2010

Best Heirloom Enchants

With Cataclysm looming ever closer, one good gold making strategy is old world enchants for heirloom gear. I've seen a few of these lists appear, but I thought I'd compile my own list of the best enchants for the BoA gear that are selling well on my server.

Weapon Enchant's:

Enchant Weapon - Crusader (Drops from mobs in plaguelands)
2 Righteous Orbs + 4 Large Brilliant Shards
Crusader is a consistent good seller due to the massive strength proc for lower levels. This is by far the best recipe to make money from on my server.

4 Small Radiant Shards + 1 Essence of Fire
This is the second best seller I have, and the mats are fairly easy and cheap to get.

8 Large Brilliant Shards + 4 Essence of Airs

4 Large Brilliant Shards + 4 Essence of Airs
These were some the latest additions to my enchanting recipes due to the Timbermaw rep grind, but they are selling well.

4 Large Brilliant Shards + 4 Essence of Earths
This is a fairly easy recipe to get and is nice and cheap to produce.

6 Large Brilliant Shards + 4 Greater Eternal Essences + 12 Illusion Dust
This is less popular than some of the others but does sell occasionally for a decent profit.

6 Large Brilliant Shards + 5 Greater Eternal Essences + 20 Illusion Dust
With spellpower going away as a stat on items, this is becoming more popular and already sells for a very high profit margin.

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